emi MUG CLUB membership

emi MUG CLUB membership



Joining the emi Mug Club offers a new and different mug, every season for 1 year! At the end of mug club, you will have a set of 4 unique mugs. Keep them as a set of 4, or give them to friends as an easy gift!

The idea behind mug club is simple. Similar to a farming CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture) this will be a CSC - Community Supported Ceramics. Joining Mug Club will give me the financial support to continue to push my work and grow as a ceramicist. The Mug Club will also help me be able to reach new limits with my work through more time for experimentation. As a Mug Club member, your support would allow me to completely take over my studio space (which I have been sharing with a studio mate the past 6 months), and will fund the new materials and tools that will allow me to increase my productivity and continue to grow my tiny business! As always, thank you so much for your support!

A few notes:

  • Each mug will be a surprise! I may show teasers through Instagram, but the final mug will always be a surprise. Joining Mug Club will give you access to work I am only producing in small batches. Of course, each mug will be hand thrown, so please note they may vary in shape/size from each other.

  • The shipping has been included in the Mug Club pricing.  

  • FOR COLUMBUS, OHIO PURCHASES ONLY - As a Mug Club Member, you will have the option of choosing local pickup for your mugs. If this is something you’re interested in, please use promo code : MUGCLUBLOCAL at checkout. More details to come on Local Pickup information. If you do not use this code, your mugs will simply be shipped to you!

  • ALL MUGS WILL SHIP AT THE END OF APRIL, JULY, OCTOBER, AND JANUARY (Your patience is appreciated! Because I am only one person, there is a possibility that mugs might be slightly delayed— I will always send an email to keep you in the loop).

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